About Us

Our Mission

The Colorado 76ers are a family owned and operated girls’ basketball club founded in 2022. The majority of our coaching and training staff is comprised of current members of the Broomfield High School women’s staff, and former alumni who played for the Broomfield Eagles during their historic run of dominance that began over a decade ago under Head Coach Mike Croell.

We proudly offer one of the finest coaching and training staffs in the state of Colorado. We have a shared vision, and a shared passion for teaching young athletes. In addition, we believe that player development is an invaluable piece of the puzzle that is often overlooked in the current club environment. We aren’t going to just talk about player development, everything we do will be geared towards constant improvement for both individual players, as well as our teams. The fundamental key to our success as an organization, is the success of the athletes who play with our logo on their chest. Having said that, we know that our athletes will have their best chance to succeed when they are in a positive environment where their physical and mental well-being are always a priority that won’t be overlooked. We will be tough, but we will be fair. We will push our athletes, but never beyond what we think they are capable of. We also see a tremendous need in our society to lift up our young ladies, and empower them to strive for more in their lives. We hope to help generations of young women in our community to gain a self confidence that launches them into their futures with purpose, passion, and without need for exterior validation.

Foundational Principles

The following are the keystones of our program, and the measures by which we define success. They will not merely be words on a page, but the foundational principles that we are built upon.


We prioritize honesty above all, because honesty breeds trust. In order for our club to thrive, we understand the value of being candid and transparent with our athletes and their families. False promises always lead to disappointment and distrust. Sometimes being honest means telling athletes or their parents things they may not want to hear, but we will not shy away from it if it is for the benefit of the athlete. On the same token, we encourage an open-door policy whereby players and parents can feel free to reach out to us with any thoughts, comments, or concerns before small issues become bigger problems. We intend to operate our club like a family, and families require trust.

Hard Work

We live in a society driven by immediate gratification. We always want what we want right now, and forget that so often the best things in life are a result of years of hard work and dedication. There’s a saying, “If it was easy, everyone would do it.” It is simple, but it is true. To be exceptional requires exceptional effort and dedication. This club itself is a result of a lot of years of hard work and dedication from a lot of people, and we will not stop now. We will strive to establish an environment where our athletes learn to love challenges and the discomfort that comes from being disciplined and pushing themselves outside their comfort zones.


We will always seek to treat people with respect, and we ask that respect and courtesy is reciprocated toward us. Additionally, we want to be known as a first class organization and ask that everyone who represents the Colorado 76ers carries themselves with dignity. This includes referees, even the bad ones… At the end of the day, basketball is a game. It is an incredible game, but more importantly it is the vessel we have chosen to teach kids about life. We will keep that perspective as we carry about our business as their leaders.


We will never settle for being better than average or even good. Our goal is to be great. In order to be great we have to beat a lot of other people in the process. We can’t do that if we aren’t competitive, and if we aren’t tough. Every time we step on the floor our opponent wants the same thing we do. What happens after the ball goes up is an indictment on our players, on our coaches, and on our club as a whole. We will create an environment where losing is not an acceptable outcome if winning was an option. Certainly, there are times when you get beat by a better team on a given day. We will always strive to be a team that you have to beat, and we will not stop battling until the final horn sounds.


We believe that the most important life skill that we can develop in our young athletes is leadership. Our world is starved for strong leaders, and people who stand up for what is right, true, and just. We want those leaders to be honest, hard working, respectful, and tough. We want our leaders to be confident, and know the value of setting goals. We want leaders who have tasted success as a result of their efforts, and who are willing and able to share that process with those around them. Above all, we want leaders who are not afraid of the moment and are willing to speak up and use their voice when necessary, and to do the dirty work that needs to be done in order for those around them to succeed.